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Juniors Division

Description of the Juniors Division

Our eight and nine year old players are organized into teams of ten to twelve and are staffed by a parent volunteer head coach, and one or more assistant coaches.  In this age group, the focus is building on knowledge of the basic rules of the game, modified by US Soccer Federation mandates so that players begin to learn how to effectively play the ball out of the back third of the field.  Ball mastery continues with a greater emphasis on team play and individual decision making.  Lots of touches on the ball always.  These teams train one night a week for ninety minutes, with the parent volunteer coaches, supplemented and directed by a professional trainer from Challenger Sports.  They play seven versus seven on age-appropriate small sided fields in accordance with US Soccer Federation mandates designed to increase ball handling by all players and fast decision making.  Licensed referees paid by the league are used to officiate matches.  Field dimensions are larger, full field markings are introduced, including build-out lines, and the goals are sized up to 6 1/2 x 18'.  They play at the Caven Point Sports Complex on the soccer turf field on Saturday mornings and afternoons.  A size four soccer ball is used.  Players are provided a uniform and are insured by JCSA.  Parents are expected to provide shin guards,  soccer cleats and water for every session.  We recommend that every player have their own ball, but coaches will provide them at training and matches.

2019 - 2020 Junior Division Teams

Team Number Color Head Coach Sponsor
19 Red Gernant / Jacinto LeFrak
20 Sky Blue Bell / Torres N2 Global Solutions
21 Black Swartz The Metro Company
22 Green Lewis / Carino John Hanussak
23 White Sood / Jaising
24 Gold Kumar

2019 - 2020 Junior Division Standings

Team Number Color Head Coach Sponsor Wins Draws Losses Points GF GA GD
19 Red Gernant / Jacinto 2 1 6 7 24 39 -15
20 Sky Blue Bell / Torres N2 Global Solutions 7 2 0 23 40 15 25
21 Black Swartz 4 3 2 15 24 16 8
22 Green Lewis / Carino John Hanussak 6 2 1 20 28 12 16
23 White Sood / Jaising 2 0 7 6 10 31 -21
24 Gold Kumar 2 0 7 6 16 29 -13