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Jersey City Soccer Coaching

Jersey City Soccer association is a 100% parent volunteer run 501c(3) non-profit organization. It is essential to the success of the club that new parents volunteer, especially at the younger ages. There are many jobs to help your team, including; coaching, team management, team recruitment, uniform kit orders, coordinating with parents and the club, midweek training and weekend game scheduling, training and game day field set up, mentoring, keeping our field clean and tidy and much more. Don't just sit back and hope one parent coach does it all for you... many hands makes for light work. 

Although recommended, NO TRAINING IS REQUIRED to volunteer. JCSA has partnered with Coach Bonny Londono from the professional training club SEFT (School of Elite Football). This means our parent volunteers can relax as all training  plans and skills are planned by SEFT professional trainers.  

There are 4 main requirements to volunteer:

  • Safesport Training Course  - 90 mins
  • Grassroots Coaching License  - min 4 hours
  • Background Check (included in Grassroots course)- 15 mins 
  • Agree to JCSA code of conduct T&Cs

Safesport certificate, background check results must be sent to  


All coaches in the JCSA recreation and travel program are required to complete the SAFESPORT ONLINE TRAINING PROGRAM before they can get their coaching pass.


All coaches are highly recommended to get a coaching license specific for their players age group. US Soccer offers several courses through-out the year so you can complete it at your leisure. The Grassroots courses cover 4v4, 7v7, 9v9, and 11v11 games, and can be completed online and in-person.

Once completed the above requirements, you can volunteer by registering by clicking the Coaches Registration Link on JCSA HOME PAGE for the current season and request to be assigned to your child's team. 


All club members must abide by the board approved JCSA code of conduct

SportsEngine has created a Team Management Guide for Coaches and Team Managers to help you use our website and mobile app to efficiently and effectively communicate and manage your teams. 

US Youth Soccer is a great starting place for new coaches and existing ones that need to brush up on their skills and knowledge. Here you can find lesson plans, workshops, first-time coaching, rules of the game and more.   

JCSA travel program participates in two New Jersey leagues and a variety of tournaments. The EDP league (Elite Development Program) and NCSA league (Northern Counties Soccer Association). 

US soccer follows the international 11v11 laws of the game that are governed by the International Football Association Board (IFAB). US youth soccer or USYS (sanctioned by US Soccer) also layers in rules for different age groups and your coaching license will cover these rules for the age group you are coaching. New Jersey Youth Soccer (NJYS) is affiliated with US youth soccer and JCSA abides by the NJYS laws of the game for all youth soccer games. All JCSA coaches are required to stay up to date with the knowledge of the rules and rule changes. Keep in mind that different leagues and tournaments may have different rules so check with the league or tournament websites for these updates. The updated IFAB rules are available online here.  You can download a PDF of 2021-22 laws of the game below.


Jersey City Soccer Association  
PO Box 7162  
Jersey City, NJ, 07307  
EIN: 22-3079455