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indoor activities for kids

Indoor Activities to Beat Boredom

By Jenna Sherman, 04/24/22, 12:30PM EDT


Indoor activities for kids

Rainy days and busy work schedules happen. Because of these issues, it’s not always feasible to let the kids kick the ball or jump on the trampoline. Although the Jersey City Soccer Association encourages everyone to get outside as much as possible, that isn’t always an option. Today’s tips can help you figure out what to do with the kids when you are stuck indoors. 

For the Future Entrepreneur

If you’re one of the many millions of people that work from home, your kids may be ready to emulate your professional activities. Provide them with all the tools they need to open up their own “business.” You can make them a hobby box filled with art supplies, such as paper, beads, glue, paint, Styrofoam, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners, that they can use to make their own products for sale. Allow them to use this label maker to create custom shelf tags so that they can name and price their wares. Even younger children can pretty easily customize a template, which can be printed out in color (or hand-colored) to match their shop. Other fun and free online tools that can help them get their business up and running are slogan generators and business simulation games. 

For the Science-Minded

Kids who love science have plenty of options when it comes to pursuing their passion indoors. If they already have a hobby box handy, encourage them to use that to make things like Newton’s cradles, which require common crafting materials, such as thread and tape, along with household items you probably have in your junk drawer, like push pins and bouncy balls. They can also quickly dive into the arts and culture, natural history, or technology by taking advantage of virtual museum tours, which became popular during the height of the pandemic. The Upgraded Points blog offers information on and links to dozens of such tours.

For Those Who Can’t Sit Still

Sitting still and being stuck indoors is tough, even for adults. It’s torture for children. Give the kids something fun to do that helps them expend their energy. If you’re sly about it, you might even be able to trick your children into cleaning their rooms by making a game out of home organization. Older kids can get their exercise by using their favorite video game platform. If you have an Oculus, these games will make sure everyone breaks the sweat. A quick note here: check the manufacturer’s recommendation for age.

For Budding Chefs

Cooking is another excellent indoor activity that will benefit your entire family. Even toddlers will have fun mashing bananas and tossing nuts into the bowl for a sweet breakfast treat. Cooking serves many purposes, including staving off boredom. More importantly, teaching your children a few kitchen tricks now will help them well into adulthood. You can also turn your kitchen quests into a lesson in graphic design by designing your own family cookbook. Simple and Seasonal offers tips on how to get this done and suggests using a template that allows for photographs. Keep in mind that kids need supervision in the kitchen until they are old enough to safely manage the oven. You may clean up any messes while the kids learn to prepare their own meals. However, learning to cook is a life lesson that’s worth a few minor inconveniences.

Fortunately, summer is coming, and that means more time outdoors. But, rainy weather, work obligations, and even just much-needed time together are all great excuses to have some fun under your own roof. Whether you have a business-minded child or one that simply wants to whip up the desserts, the above are fun activities suitable for all ages.

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