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Starting a Lifetime Love: Holiday Gifts to Inspire Young Athletes

By Jenna Sherman, 12/21/21, 9:30PM EST


Starting a Lifetime Love: Holiday Gifts to Inspire Young Athletes

If you have a child with a natural athletic ability, Christmas is a perfect time to encourage their interest. Consider giving gifts that cover a wide range of athletic interests. Young people with athletic skills can benefit from trying a variety of sports, so don’t feel like you need to focus on just one. With your help and guidance, your child will soon discover the sport that he or she loves best. 

Starter Soccer Ball

A young girl who loves to run and has good coordination may be a great candidate for soccer. The Vizari Blossom Soccer Ball is a good way to get her started. With pretty floral graphics and an appealing shade of pink, this pretty starter ball is a fun way to introduce your little athlete to one of the most popular sports in the world. All you need is an air pump to inflate the ball. After that, your little girl can spend many happy hours booting it around the backyard alone or working on her dribbling skills with friends. If she gets hooked, register her for a team with the Jersey City Soccer Association.

Young Archer

If your little one is into archery, consider getting a toy bow and arrow with a mini target board to practice on. The Light Up Princess Archery Bow and Arrow set, for example, has the basic “tools” to teach your young sharpshooter the basics of archery and develop hand-eye coordination. Archery is a skill that transfers to other sports as well. 

Young Person’s Yoga Mat

You’re never too young to benefit from yoga, and the sooner you learn, the better. If you or your spouse practices yoga, getting a kid’s yoga mat can give you something to do along with your son or daughter. The Yogi Junior Extra Thick Yoga Mat for Kids has a no-slip surface and can be rolled up easily for convenient carrying. If yoga turns out not to be a favorite with your child, the mat can also be used for tumbling, Pilates, or just having fun. 

Golf Clubs for Kids

Has your child expressed an interest in golf while watching you get your irons cleaned up and ready for the season? If so, consider leaving the American Plastic Toys Junior Golf Set under the Christmas tree. It includes clubs, balls, putting cups, and flags — everything your little duffer needs to start “going for the green.” It is an excellent way to develop hand-eye coordination and an abiding interest in a game that can be a lifelong passion and a rewarding social activity. Spend some time in the backyard helping your youngster work on her swing, which is a great opportunity to spend time together.


You’ve probably seen kids in the neighborhood air surfing on what looks like a rolling stick. Well, that’s actually one of the hottest new toys in recent years. The Razor Hoverboard is great fun and great for teaching balance and agility. This toy is appropriate for kids who are a little older, and you’ll want to get a helmet, elbow, and knee pads in case of spills. 


A brand new basketball is an affordable and rewarding gift for a kid who’s got a good-looking jumper and a mean crossover dribble. However, remember that half the fun is sporting a cool new pair of stylish basketball shoes.

Fence It In

Aside from the soccer field or sidewalk, your growing young athlete will need a safe place to explore their preferred sport. To that end, if you don’t have a fenced backyard, it’s time to make it happen. A fenced in yard ensures your kids and pets stay safe, and it can even contribute to your home’s value. This is a big undertaking, so leave it to the professionals. Try a search for “fencing companies near me” to help find local experts who can tackle your fence build. Read customer reviews to winnow down your choices, and make a point to get at least three quotes. 

Kids can derive amazing benefits from just about any toy that encourages physical activity and an involvement in sports. It’s a great way to get them started on a life of physical activity and exercise, and confidence-building athletic achievement.

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