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No to Racism

 JCSA Statement Against Racial Bias

By JCSA, 06/13/20, 8:45AM EDT


 JCSA Statement Against Racial Bias

In response to the recent and repeated killings of African-Americans through police brutality, the Jersey City Soccer Association would like to share that it stands in solidarity with the black community and its allies to affect lasting change in the fight against bigotry and racial discrimination.

We reaffirm our long-standing dedication to providing equitable access to the life-changing benefits of soccer.   JCSA offers youth players an opportunity to have fun learning to play the beautiful game, while learning about good sportsmanship, proper technique, teamwork and physical fitness.  Players learn to respect themselves, their teammates and opponents, and the game.  Soccer builds character, discipline, confidence, critical thinking and leadership. Soccer brings individuals from various cultures, ethnicities, and religions together in a supportive environment that bridges the passion of soccer with cooperation and understanding to promote trust and teamwork.  

This is why we love this sport so much and endeavor to bring its benefits to as many young people, from as many varied backgrounds, as we can.  JCSA's Board is presently performing a comprehensive review of its Mission, is actively seeking to further diversify its Board, and will be performing better outreach in underrepresented areas and neighborhoods of Jersey City to work toward a more inclusive experience for everyone.  We believe that everyone has the right to be free, healthy, safe, cherished, courageous and alive.  

With your continued participation and support, we will succeed.  

Jersey City Soccer Association Board of Trustees